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Blog #1 – Cococho: The Birth

At last, our baby carrier is about to be born
Literally, within seconds it’ll launch
And it already has a name
We are so proud and excited
On the one hand a new baby
And on the other
several years of experience in the baby carrier world.
We hope you enjoy the Cococho
And follow us,
For we have a lot to say…
Let’s go!

How did we get here?
The world offers many excellent carriers, from large well renowned companies as well as from the smaller less renowned. We are always asked why another baby carrier? What type of carrier is the Cococho? What is it like? We explain that our carrier is different.

The Cococho is a new brand in the market but it actually has a story:
It all began with two young industrial designer mothers’ needs - myself Galit, Cococho’s founder and Ronit my friend from our student days at Betzalel*. With the birth of our children, we recognized the important advantages of using baby carriers. Our professional knowledge however, together with innate mother instinct, left us dissatisfied with what the market had to offer. While most people go out to buy something that they need and buy the most suitable they see fit, we recognized what needed to be fixed and improved. Call it “perfectionism”… ☺ if you will, but that’s how it is with every product, especially for our most precious of all.

We searched for a baby carrier that would allow intense daily use while matching today’s standards without compromising on safety, user experience and quality.
We started designing our own baby carrier. After a year of intense research and development, we understood that we had developed an innovative product that meets the requirements of not only two mothers. We had developed a winner and our first product - the Funtazoo baby carrier, hit our local market.
The Funtazoo made a name for itself among the “heavy-users” such as “attachment-parents” and multi-sibling families. We quickly realized that it was time to upgrade and go international.

The Cococho baby carrier is based on the Funtazoo but with a number of enhancements. Cococho has a dynamic unique waist belt, which apart from improved baby weight distribution it enables carrying babies ergonomically according to their size and development.

The Cococho baby carrier meets all my demands and requirements as a mother. I hope it would meet yours too.
Remember, Cococho has your back!


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