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Cococho and the Forward- Facing Position

Cococho and the Forward- Facing Position

When the baby is carried in front, facing the same direction as the parent.

The forward-facing position is controversial, and although it would have been very easy to add this feature to our design, CocochoTM is one of several brands and carriers that don’t offer this position. Why so?

A few years ago, the forward-facing position has been officially proclaimed to be non-ergonomic because babies carried in this position had their legs dangling down. The solution, which today's carriers in the market offer, is to carry the baby while seated in a "healthy hip position". The baby's hip position is however not the only ergonomic issue. When babies are seated in the forward- facing position, their center of gravity moves away from the parent's center of gravity. This means that this position is not ergonomic for the parent because the load on the parent's back increases, and even more so when the baby is carried at a low level (usually with larger babies).

Moreover, with carriers that allow for forward- facing, it is recommended to start carrying in this position at the age of 4-5 months, although many parents start much earlier. Parents often do so when their baby refuses to be carried facing the parent, while assuming that the baby's curiosity is the reason. There is however another reason - most soft structured baby carriers approximate the baby’s upper back, thus restricting their ability to move and to use their arms. There are additional cons regarding the forward-facing position: The baby's head is not properly supported and the baby’s back is sometimes curved in the opposite direction to the natural curve. The baby is also unable to filter overstimulation from the surroundings and is more exposed to danger.

Therefore, we at CocochoTM believe that forward- facing is neither natural nor ergonomic, so we offer alternatives for this popular position. The first alternative is roomier and adjustable space for the baby's upper back, causing more babies to coordinate with the parent-facing position. The CocochoTM carrier does not approximate the baby's shoulder blades to the parent's body, allowing the baby a greater amount of freedom of movement within the carrier while they are awake, and allowing the baby greater mobility to look forward and to the sides, without needing to tilt their head backwards. The second alternative is the option to start back- carrying at an earlier age than other carriers on the market allow, and even earlier than the recommended time to start carrying in the forward-facing position. Unlike forward- facing, there is no time limit in back- carrying during longer periods of time.

Back- carrying is safe and enjoyable for babies, more ergonomic and more practical than front- carrying for both the baby and the parent, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Although we are aware of the fact that many parents still look for a carrier that allows for the popular forward-facing position, we hope to succeed in passing on our belief to young parents.
We hold that CocochoTM baby carrier's user-friendly way of use and holistic approach for ergonomics will help us accomplish this mission.

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