Cococho Baby Carrier - Taking off sleeping baby without waking

Meet The Cococho™ Baby Carrier


More Features

Baby Carrier Cococho -Built-in head and neck support which works while the baby is awake or asleep

Built-in passive head and neck support

Works while the baby is awake and asleep. Allows babies to freely streighten their neck, turn head from side to side, and look around.

Infant carrier Cococho- Ergonomic, Adjustable and spaciousoft back support allows baby's spine to develope from C to S.

Adjustable and spacious soft back support

Allows the baby's spine to curve and develop naturally,
and the baby’s arms to remain snug inside or move freely.

Healthy hip position. The Cococho Baby Carrier is acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Dynamic waist belt

The Cococho's waist belt is ergonomic for both the parent and the baby. It distributes the baby's weight between the parent's shoulders and waist;. and adapts to the baby’s development and growth, for carrying in a healthy hip position. The Cococho Baby Carrier is acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Suitable for all weather with breathable 3D mesh

Suitable for all weather

Special layering with 3D mesh, allows comfort,
ventilation and contact with a cotton layer.

We Are Honored

  • Cococho - Most Innovative Baby Carrier - Parent & Baby Awards 2020


This baby carrier has features that we didn’t know our original baby carrier was missing until we put our little boy in this one. 

It secures our baby in really well and he is so comfy in it 

Sleek, comfortable, and insanely innovative, this carrier has it all!

 The Cococho is amazing!
It is so well designed and has all the features you could possibly want plus more!

I found this carrier such a joy to use.

I felt as though baby was both supported and comfy at the same time. I also loved the design I thought it was super stylish.

The unique way of loading makes this the easiest carrier to get a baby on your back.

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