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At Cococho, we develop and market innovative solutions for today's parents who wish to carry their babies during their daily lives seamlessly, comfortably and safely. Cococho is dedicated to building a global community of confident parents with smart, ergonomic solutions that enable and encourage bonding between parents and babies.

The first version of the Cococho baby carrier was born out of a real need of two industrial designers, both moms and baby wearing believers. "With every carrier we tried out there was a different problem. One obstructed the front of the body, the second one was clumsy, and a third one was scary. We looked for a way in which to be with our children and yet to be able to carry on with other things. We wanted a carrier that would leave us independent as “to be with, yet feel without”.  

After an intensive pregnancy, we are proud to give birth to an advanced version of the Cococho baby carrier. More innovative products are "baking" now and about to be launched soon. We hope that like many others who experienced and were taken captive by the Cococho, you too would enjoy it...                                                                                                                             
Cococho has your back,
The Cococho team  


Cococho is an informal terminology for the piggyback ride in several Spanish speaking countries.

Cococho Baby Carrier - First secure then load

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