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Why Cococho

With so many baby carriers in the market, is there a need for another one?
In this page, you will discover the benefits of the Cococho baby carrier comparing to other baby carriers.



The use of the Cococho carrier is particularly safe thanks to its structure and mode of use. The child is secured in the carrier prior to wearing it. This method is similar to the back framed carriers and allows to wear the baby with the carrier like a knapsack in front,and later on the back. 
The Cococho carrier is designed in such a manner that you don’t need to juggle the baby as the carrier can be positioned securely with utmost ease and no fuss.

Cococho Baby Carrier- the baby is secured in the carrier before wearing
Cococho Baby Carrier- the baby keeps sleeping in the carrier after oof loading


As is the case with many carriers, babies feel so comfortable in the Cococho carrier that sleep comes easily to them. The ergonomic design of the carrier’s back supports the infant’s head and neck constantly.

A huge advantage of the Cococho carrier is that your baby doesn't wake up when taken out of the carrier or when the carrier is taken off. With the Cococho carrier, your baby can simply stay secured and cuddled in the carrier after taking it off (keep your baby under attention). 



The Cococho baby carrier may be used for a new born, right after birth, provided the pregnancy was normal and fully completed from 7 lbs/ 3.2 kg. It will adapt to your baby's development from the phase its muscles are weak and its bones are soft, until it will become a young toddler weighting 40 lbs/ 18 kg.

The space provided by the carrier is fully compatible, needing no additional accessory for young babies.

Both the baby and the adult will experience a feeling similar to that of pregnancy because of the closeness and oneness. it's a great tool for the fourth trimester (Now Daddy can experience pregnancy for himself 😉).


The Cococho carrier’s innovative waist belt allows to carry the baby in a heathy hip position. Whether the legs are tucked-in, in a frog position for a newborn, a narrow leg spread for small babies or a wide leg spread for toddlers. All of these positions considerably reduce pressure on the baby’s lower pelvis and help to reduce the risk of Hip Dysplasia.

The back and head support of the Cococho carrier supports the child's head and neck even before positioning the loaded carrier on the adult, and works when the baby is either awake or asleep.

The Cococho's back support is roomy enough to allow the baby's back to curve naturally with arms inside the carrier, allowing the baby to use them.

Cococho Baby Carrier- close-up to healthy hip position
Cococho Baby Carrier- Back carry position with a toddler


The unique structure of the Cococho baby carrier provides the adult with exceptional comfort and weight distribution in the front and back position. Nevertheless, it is well-known that heavy loads should be carried on the back and not in front. With the Cococho baby carrier there is no need to suffer from backaches when carrying a baby for long hours. The baby can be carried on the back as soon as it can hold its head steady.

Keeping the carrier close to the body and in high positioning is recommended to prevent back aches. The positioning of the baby, when not in close contact with the adult’s back, such as in framed back carriers, generates motion and positions the baby away from the adult's center of gravity, causing pressure on the back.



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