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The Cococho™ baby carrier complies with the EU EN13209-2: 2015 and US ASTM F2236  standards for soft carriers.


Infants can fall through a wide leg opening or out of the carrier.
• Always secure your baby in the carrier 11BEFORE loading.
• Adjust leg openings to fit baby’s legs snugly.
• Ensure proper placement of the baby in the 11carrier, including leg placement.
• Never wear or hold the loaded carrier by one 11shoulder pad.
• Before each use make sure all straps and 11buckles are secured.
• The carrier is subject to wear and tear. Do 11not use this carrier if damaged.
• Monitor your baby while using the carrier.
• Never leave your baby unattended in the carrier.
• Your balance may be adversely affected by 11your movement and that of your child.
• Only use this carrier for infants between 7lbs 11(3.2kgs) and 40lbs (18kgs).
• Take care when bending, leaning forward or 11sideways and while moving through low or 11narrow passages.
• This carrier is suitable only for full term babies.
• For babies with low birthrates or with 11medical conditions consult with health 11professional before using the carrier.
• This carrier is not suitable for use during 11sporting activities.

Infants under four months can suffocate in this product if their face is pressed tight against your body.
• Premature infants, infants with respiratory 11problems and infants under four months 11are at greater risk of suffocation.
• Keep infant’s face free from obstructions at 11all times to ensure good airflow.
• Do not strap baby too tight against your 11body and allow room for head movement.
• Back carry only when baby is in good health 11and has firm head and neck control.
• Avoid dressing your baby too warmly and 11make sure that a comfortable temperature 11is maintained.
• Never use a soft carrier when balance or
11mobility is impaired because of exercise,
11drowsiness, or medical conditions.
• Never use a soft carrier while engaging in
11activities such as cooking and cleaning 11which involve a heat source or exposure to 11chemicals.
• Never wear a soft carrier while driving or
11being a passenger in a motor vehicle.

Any use other than explained in this instruction manual is not recommended and is at the risk of the user.
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